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Our Process


In this phase, we kickstart the project by understanding the client's needs, space requirements, and relationships. Before diving into the actual work, we also conduct essential research. This involves conducting an initial interview with the client, carefully documenting existing structures and site conditions, and researching relevant building codes. 

Schematic Design

During this phase, we encourage active collaboration as we explore initial design concepts together. These concepts may take the form of loose sketches or digital floor plans and elevations. It's also a great opportunity to consider involving an interior designer who can join us for an initial meeting. This meeting allows us to discuss design direction and share preliminary interior concepts.

Construction Documentation
Construction Administration


Here, we carefully select materials, refine plans and elevations, and work on construction details. By the end of this phase, you will have the necessary information to start interviewing contractors and gathering cost estimates. If your project is in a historic overlay, we also handle the application for a Preservation Permit. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition from the initial concept to a well-developed design plan.

Construction Management

During this stage, we add another layer of detail to the plans with additional drawings and notes. This comprehensive set of drawings will be submitted for permitting and will serve as the guide for the contractor during the construction process. Although it may not be the most glamorous phase, it is absolutely essential for ensuring a well-built project

Construction Administration

At RoseWell Studio, we take pride in our comprehensive services that encompass all aspects of architectural design and construction. Our Construction Administration services ensure that your project is successfully executed and completed to the highest standards. We are here to help you navigate all aspects of the construction process from bidding to final walk-throughs and everything in between.

Our Expertise

Historic Additions & Renovations

  • Working within MHZC Guidelines 

  • Seamlessly blending historic and modern design


  • Detached Additional Dwelling Units/Accessory Dwelling Units

  • Pool Houses

  • Detached HPR


  • Modifying existing space to meet your needs.

  • Spacial Planning

  • Kitchen & Bath Renovations

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